United Methodist Scholar/Teacher of the Year Award Recipients

2017 Thomas Perreault, Geography
2016 Tara Helfman, College of Law
2015 Lawrence Mason, Newhouse, Multimedia Photography & Design
2014 Cliff Davidson, Engineering
2013 Karen Kirkhart, Falk College, Social Work
2012 Claudia Miller, A&S, Mathematics
2011 Barbara Applebaum, Education, Cultural Foundations
2010 Ted Brown, Architecture
2009 Barbara Kwasnik, iSchool, Information Studies
2008 Kendall Phillips, CVPA, Communication & Rhetorical Studies
2007 Christine Himes, Maxwell, Sociology
2005 David McDonald, CVPA, Art & Design
2004 Gerardine Clark, CVPA, Drama
2003 Peter Saulson, A&S, Physics
2002 Frances E. Zollers, Management, Law Public Policy
2001 Jay Wright, Newhouse, Public  Communication
2000 G. Burton Harbison, CVPA, Music
1999 James Graves, Education, Exercise  Science
1998 William Wiecek, College of Law
1996 Kenneth Hardy, HSHP,  Child & Family  Studies
1995 J.  Roger Sharp, Maxwell, History
1994 Alejandro Garcia, HSHP,  Social Work
1993 Laurence Thomas, A&S, Philosophy
1992 Marlene Davis, Architecture
1991 Cathryn Newton, A&S,  Earth Sciences
1990 Sam Clemence, Engineering, Civil Engineering
1989 Phillip Church, A&S, Mathematics
1988 Marta Dosa, Information Studies
1987 David Bennett, Maxwell, History
1986 Sarah Short, HSHP, Nutrition
1985 Robert McClure Maxwell, Political  Science
1984 Rolena Adorno A&S, LLL
1983 David Wilemon, Management, Marketing
1982 David Miller A&S, Religion