Faculty Affairs
503 Crouse-Hinds Hall

Marie Garland

Dr. Garland is the assistant provost for faculty affairs. In this role, she supports all operational functions and strategic initiatives within Academic Affairs as they relate to the faculty career progression, ongoing professional development, and leadership support with a specific emphasis on enhancing equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. Specifically, she provides guidance on broadening faculty recruitment, structures orientation and mentoring for new faculty, and supports programs that encourage work/life and wellness. She also supports development opportunities for department chairs, program directors, and other emerging leaders. Finally, she implements and evaluates changes in processes designed to enhance faculty support services. Her academic training and expertise is in organizational development and workplace communication.

photo of Amanda BielowiczAmanda Bielowicz

Ms. Bielowicz is an administrative specialist, serving as the principal administrative support for the associate provost for faculty affairs. In addition, she provides support to the University Senate Academic Affairs Committee.

Angela King Taylor

Dr. Taylor is a faculty affairs specialist coordinating faculty review processes, maintaining and updating the faculty manual upon approval of the University Senate, and works with each College/School to update and revise reappointment, tenure, and promotion bylaws when necessary. She serves as a liaison with Faculty Affairs and University Senate committees.

Erica Wynn-Kearse portraitErica Wynn-Kearse

Ms. Wynn-Kearse is a faculty affairs specialist supporting faculty members with career transitions, such as leaves of absence, reappointments, and retirements. This work includes touchpoints with Human Resources, department administrators, and faculty members in the broader campus community.

photo of Melissa McCurdyMelissa McCurdy

Ms. McCurdy is the office coordinator for faculty affairs. She is the primary front office contact and supports multiple team members, providing prompt and seamless responses to inquiries by members of the University community.

Center for Faculty Leadership and Professional Development
335 Link Hall

Photo: Sharon Alestalo

Sharon Alestalo

Ms. Alestalo is a program director in the Center for Faculty Leadership and Professional Development. In this role, she supports the program development of the center, as well as works directly with faculty who are underrepresented in their disciplines or fields. Her continuing work with the Women in Science and Engineering program specifically supports women faculty and students in STEM disciplines. Ms. Alestalo also works with review committees for various faculty awards.

Photo: Roseann Presutti

Roseann Presutti

Ms. Presutti is an administrative assistant supporting a wide variety of initiatives in faculty affairs. She coordinates events for the Center for Faculty Leadership and Professional Development and assists with financial reporting for the Women in Science and Engineering program. She also manages the faculty affairs website and assists with production of faculty profiles for various media outlets.

Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence
335 Link Hall

photo of Martha DiedeMartha Diede

Dr. Diede is the director of the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE). She supports faculty in exploring new teaching, learning, and assessment methods and in refining or re-designing courses. The services of the CTLE include individual and group consultations around best pedagogical strategies, including inclusive practices, syllabus construction or revision, course design, alignment between course objectives and program outcomes; support for the scholarship of teaching and learning; and other programming.

photo of Jeanine IronsJeanine Irons

Dr. Irons is the faculty developer for diversity, equity, and inclusion at the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE). She collaborates with colleagues across the University to implement and support instructional methods supportive of and inclusive to a diverse student body. She also consults and strategizes with individual faculty members and instructional teams about inclusive pedagogical and climate goals and needs specific to program, department, and course contexts.

Nicholas Bennett

Mr. Bennett is the program support coordinator for the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE). He coordinates workshops and events for the CTLE and assists the director with resource development. He also manages the CTLE website and assists with various faculty award and recognition programs including the Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith Professorship for Teaching Excellence and the Teaching Recognition Awards.

photo of Laurel Willingham-McLainLaurel Willingham-McLain
Consulting Developer

Dr. Willingham-McLain is a consulting faculty developer at the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE). She supports faculty in planning and teaching courses that draw on learning science research, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when we face major adjustments. She consults on a broad range of topics including course and syllabus design, assignments, group work, learning assessment, and feedback to students. She also supports faculty in analyzing and making public their teaching through the scholarship of teaching and learning.