The Council’s Role

The Internationalization Council provides advice, information, feedback, and support on key topics and initiatives relating to internationalization, such as pedagogy and curriculum; study abroad; international student recruitment, support, and integration; regional studies programs; research collaborations; and global partnerships with other universities.

As the group identifies topics that it wants to pursue, it will create task forces composed of multiple constituencies from the campus to provide in-depth, comprehensive knowledge.

For academic year 2016-17, the council has identified the following goals:

  • Enhance and expand institutional mechanisms to better cultivate, welcome, support, and value the contributions of our international student community; facilitate cross-cultural interaction; and advance cultural understanding.
  • Facilitate distinctive global learning experiences—on campus and abroad—that expand our students’ capacity to live, work, and thrive in a deeply interconnected world.
  • Facilitate international research collaborations, partnerships, and joint/dual degree programs.