Office staff

Sarah McAndrew is the Executive Assistant for the Vice Chancellor and Provost. She serves as the principal administrative coordinator for the Vice Chancellor’s office as well as liaison to internal and external constituencies. Sarah can be reached at 315.443.2494, or by mail at 500 Crouse-Hinds Hall, Syracuse, NY 13244.

Renee Roth is a Budget Analyst for the Office of Academic Affairs. Her primary responsibility is to assist the executive assistant for budget as well as counsel Academic Affairs budget personnel on questions and concerns regarding budget issues. Renee can be reached at 315.443.4069, or by mail at 500 Crouse-Hinds Hall, Syracuse, NY 13244.

Katie Rupert is the Academic Programs Specialist in the Office of Academic Affairs.  Her responsibilities focus on supporting the schools and colleges work with the New York State Education Department registration of academic programs, state authorization and as well as support the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs with day to day responsibilities.  Katie can be reached at 315.443.1899 or by mail at 500 Crouse Hinds Hall, Syracuse, NY 13244.

Heather Ryerson is the Academic Operations Coordinator and Remembrance/Lockerbie Administrator for the Sr. Vice President for Academic Operations. Her primary responsibility is providing administrative support to the Office of Academic Operations. Other responsibilities include budget and administrative support for the Remembrance and Lockerbie Scholarship programs. Heather can be reached at 315.443.5725 or by mail at 508 Crouse Hinds Hall, Syracuse, NY 13244.