First Year Experience

As identified in the Academic Strategic Plan, supported by the work of the Chancellor’s Council on Diversity and Inclusion and other University wide committees, a unified first-year experience that addresses issues of diversity, inclusion, belonging, community, health and wellness are key components in supporting students’ academic, social and emotional well-being. Through a shared experience, we set the foundation for our students’ success inside and outside the classroom.

In the 2018-19 academic year, faculty, staff and student committees developed an enhanced shared first-year experience focused on three key areas:

Collectively, these experiences engage our students – and the broader campus community – in exploration of and dialogue about identity, community and wellness, and advance our continuous efforts to foster a more inclusive, welcoming campus community for all.

Moving forward, we are focused on the long-term for a first-year experience course. We will use best practice research, communitywide input, and assessment of the 2018-19 program to guide the development of this course. With this effort, we aim to build shared community, improve cross-cultural understanding, and increase healthy habits for all our campus community members.

We encourage you to share your ideas, best practices and suggestions with us. Please contact us at

The first-year experience sets the foundation for our students to thrive at Syracuse and beyond Syracuse.