Health & Wellness

When students feel healthy and well they can thrive in and outside the classroom. Through enhanced health and wellness activities, students will learn about healthy behaviors and coping skills that will reduce stress, increase mindfulness, and promote healthy living and community.

All new students will be required to participate in three activities:

  • Interactive health and wellness online modules that introduce students to, and educate them about, important issues that some college students face, including alcohol and other drugs and sexual and relationship violence prevention.
  • A performance-based presentation called “Speak About It” that addresses healthy relationships and how to be a prosocial bystander.
  • The Be Well Keynote and Expo featuring ABC News Anchor and author of “10% Happier” Dan Harris. The expo introduces students to the many services, resources and activities available to them to support their mental, physical, emotional and social well-being.

Additionally, programs to enhance mindfulness, build connection with other students, and learn about healthy habits will continue throughout the semester. Anchor faculty will be notified of these opportunities and can share with their students and participate themselves!