Search waiver template

Search Waiver

Memo Template

Permission to hire full time faculty outside of the ordinary search process must be submitted in writing to the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs. Search waivers may be granted in special circumstances that affect institutional interests and advancement such as new research initiatives/sponsored programs, dual career hiring, special targeted positions (i.e., University Professors), opportunity hires, unexpected faculty departures, or other determinants of institutional integrity.

A copy of the candidate’s CV, reference letters and portfolio, if available, should accompany the submitted search waiver request.

The ____________________ (school/college) requests a search waiver from the normal search process.

[Option 1]

The ____________________ (department name) conducted a search for __________________ (position name & rank) with an expected start date of _____________ (fall/spring date).  The department was not able to fill this position due to ______________ (explain the challenges).

[Option 2]

The ____________________ (department name) did not anticipate the need for a search.  ________________ (name of active faculty member) will take an unexpected leave of absence during the (fall/spring) semester and this position will be a temporary replacement.

[Option 3]

The ____________________ (department name) did not anticipate the need for a search.  This position would support a dual career hire in the ________________ (school/college) ________________ (department).

[Option 4]

The ________(department name) has the unexpected and one-time opportunity to hire a renowned expert in ___________(subject.)

We request permission to offer a(n) ____________ (# of semesters/years) _____________(non-tenure-track /tenure track) appointment to _____________________ (candidate’s name). ADD REASON and proposed funding for position.

[For the selected option, describe the position’s responsibilities.]

[For the selected option, describe the candidate’s qualifications.]



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