Regional employers

The Syracuse University Dual Career Network helps your organization recruit and retain valued employees. Here are just a few of the benefits that employers in the Greater Syracuse area can expect from partnering with the University:

Built-in talent pool
The Dual Career Network is often the first to know of newcomers to the area. Gain a competitive advantage by learning right away about new or incoming talent that can meet existing or emerging business needs.

Syracuse University strives to recruit and retain a diverse faculty and staff, which translates to diversity across the region. Dual Career Network clientele is typically comprised of a high percentage of women and underrepresented minorities, and may be a valuable resource in advancing your diversity initiatives.

Recruiting and retention edge
By making professional connections for dual career newcomers, the University and regional employers are able to recruit high caliber candidates and ensure a higher rate of retention.

Regional economic development
A vibrant dual career network is attractive to new businesses, as entrepreneurs gravitate toward communities that help them address career and personal goals. Additionally, the earnings of successful Dual Career Network clients are spent in our communities, helping to bolster the regional economy.

We invite you to partner with us to offer valuable networking opportunities for professional couples relocating to the area. Your company will be listed as a participating employer on this website. Dual Career Network staff are also available to meet and talk with you about current and upcoming hiring needs and learn about your company’s work culture so we can send you the best qualified candidates. The Dual Career Network provides you with pre-screened, educated, experienced applicants for your job openings, with no strings attached, and at no fee.

If you would like more information about partnering with Syracuse University’s Dual Career Network, please email: and reference “regional employer” in the subject line.