Job seeker testimonials

“As a dual career couple at Syracuse University, we are grateful for the support that the University provides us. The opportunities at SU are nearly boundless for those seeking to advance their academic career and are equally abundant for non-academic professionals. The expansion of the SUAdvance program and the Dual Career Network to provide support for professional couples who are not both academics is extremely valuable. We often meet couples in similar career situations and encourage them to leverage the Dual Career Network at SU to the fullest extent to find a fit at SU or in the Syracuse area, where both can take a long-term stance to grow their careers together.”

Heather and Gabe Coleman
Heather Coleman, Assistant Professor, Biology
Gabe Coleman, Project Manager, VP Research

“Syracuse University handled the recruitment process incredibly well. We both went through a standard faculty job interview process, which helped us feel comfortable that we would be accepted as valued faculty members within our respective departments. Syracuse is a great community for raising a family — we have a nice house within walking/biking distance of campus and quite a few friends here who are also dual-career couples. This provides a great support system and allows us to better manage work-life balance.”

Lisa Manning and Will Wylie
Lisa Manning, Assistant Professor, Physics
Will Wylie, Assistant Professor, Mathematics