Chancellor’s Citation for Excellence

The Chancellor’s Citation Awards were first presented in 1979 in recognition of outstanding achievement in teaching, scholarship, and creative work. Over time, the focus of the awards has changed to reflect new priorities and institutional directions. The emphasis on excellence and outstanding achievement remains unchanged. Each year members of the University community are invited to nominate a colleague or co-worker for recognition. A selection committee comprised of faculty and staff from across campus reviews the nominations. Award winners are honored at a special event during spring semester.

Winners of the Chancellor’s Citation Awards

Description of Chancellor’s Citation Award 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13

The Chancellor’s Citation for Excellence seeks to recognize enactment of Education for the World—in the World, through which we prepare students for the world by embedding their learning in the midst of community and the pressing issues of the day as well as in their academic disciplines. We seek to recognize faculty and staff who are collaborators in work of intellectual richness that has had impact or has the potential for impact and synergy both within the University and outside in partnership with others. Of equal importance is work that demonstrates Syracuse University’s commitment to scholarly discovery and advancement—the innovative thinking and experimentation that contribute to new understandings of our world and creative responses to its problems.

Nomination process
You are invited to write a letter of nomination for a colleague that includes a short description (no more than 2 pages) of the work or accomplishments you consider to be citation-worthy. Along with your letter, please submit a short CV or Bio for your nominee (or the URL for such) and any concise materials that display or exemplify the nominee’s exemplary work.

Please send your nomination to Professor Don Mitchell, Chair of the Chancellor’s Citation Selection Committee, c/o Office of Academic Affairs, 503 Crouse Hinds Hall, or by e-mail to Bron Adam at

Selection and Recognition
As part of the selection process, the Committee may consult with nominators or others designated as able to speak to the candidate’s excellence and suitability for recognition to better understand the nature of the nominee’s work.

The Chancellor’s Citation Selection Committee will complete its work and make their recommendations to the Chancellor late in December. Citation winners will be notified by letter no later than January 15, 2011. Recipients of the Chancellor’s Citations for Excellence are honored at a special event and receive an original work of art by a member of the Syracuse University faculty.

 Award Categories, Nomination, and Selection Process for 2006/2007-2009/10

The 2006-07 through 2009-10 Chancellor’s Citations for Excellence were shaped around three goals of the Scholarship in Action vision:

  • Faculty Excellence and Scholarly Distinction
  • Access Initiatives for Enterprising Students, and
  • Engagement with the World

The Award for Faculty Excellence and Scholarly Distinction is targeted toward faculty who are collaborators in work of intellectual richness which has the potential for future impact. This work should offer possibilities for synergy both within the University and outside in partnership with others.

The Award for Outstanding Contributions to Academic Access and Support is made to members of the faculty and University staff who have worked to create and implement access initiatives for students with diverse interests and backgrounds and/or to engage diverse students in creative exchanges across disciplines or with other communities, thus enhancing engagement with various practitioners and publics.

The Award for Engaging the World is made to members of the staff whose contributions demonstrate Syracuse University’s commitment to scholarship-in-action, integrating discovery, learning, and public engagement. These contributions may fall outside the academic sphere but support the University’s mission at many levels. We encourage nominations for staff in service positions insofar as their contributions facilitate SU’s access initiatives, collaborative work, and successful connections inside and outside of the University.

Award Categories, Nomination, and Selection Process for Prior Years

Award Categories prior to 2006-07:
Three different categories of awards were given.

  • The Citation for Exceptional Academic Achievement is bestowed primarily upon members of the faculty, although, under uncommon circumstances, members of the staff may receive it. The award is not for years of service; rather, it recognizes exceptional academic contributions to the scholarly and artistic world and to the University; it recognizes the variety of ways in which members of the faculty carry out their academic responsibilities.
  • The Citation for Outstanding Contributions to the University’s Academic Programs is bestowed primarily upon members of the staff, although under exceptional circumstances, members of the faculty may receive it. The award is not for years of service; rather, it recognizes outstanding contributions to teaching, research, and service programs of the University by members of the staff whose contributions far exceed their job expectations.
  • The Citation for Distinguished Service is bestowed upon members of the University staff whose contributions fall outside the academic sphere. It recognizes staff members for their outstanding job performance and may include considerations such as length of service, leadership, and collegiality.