2.29 Emeritus Status

The title Emeritus or Emerita is an honor that may be conferred upon retirement. Recommendations and supporting evidence of distinction and service to the University proceed through a process of faculty nomination; endorsement by the dean, the Vice Chancellor and Provost, and the Senate Committee on Appointments and Promotions; and approved by the Senate and the Board of Trustees. This title may accompany any rank. Emeritus/Emerita faculty members are continuing members of the University community and have a distinguished record of outstanding contribution to the University over a substantial number of years. Privileges exercised by emeritus/emerita faculty include listings in University publications; using University libraries; participating in academic processions; receiving notices of all University events; receiving a University staff identification card and discount privileges at the University Bookstores; and participating in academic, professional, or social activities of the faculty and staff.

In special cases, the title Emeritus or Emerita may be conferred upon a person retiring from an academic administration position at Syracuse University. The designation may be added to the titles of Chancellor, Vice Chancellor and Provost, and academic dean at the time of retirement from the administrative position or at the time of retirement from the University when there has been a distinguished record of University contributions and an expectation of continued service to the University.

The title Emeritus/Emerita may be conferred posthumously, upon faculty recommendation, in those cases in which death precedes the possibility of retirement or within one academic year after retirement.

Approved by the University Senate, November 2005

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