2.23 Time in Rank

Candidates for promotion will normally not be considered until they have completed the following minimum time in rank:

  • for promotion from instructor to assistant professor, one completed year;
  • for promotion from assistant to associate professor, three completed years;
  • for promotion from associate professor to professor, four completed years.

For faculty members being reviewed for tenure, the years in rank requirements for promotion will be waived if requested by the faculty member. Other variations from these minimum time requirements will be considered under appropriate circumstances.

In each recommendation, service at other academic institutions will receive appropriate credit. Service in other than academic institutions will be considered if the work performed shows a high order of professional achievement, but it must be applied at the rank at which the faculty members are first appointed. Any credit for prior service that will be credited toward promotion will be indicated in the appointment letter.

No one is entitled to advancement solely because of length of service. It should be emphasized that accomplishment and not time in rank is the essential criterion for promotion.

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