2.11 Searches and Appointments

Searches and recruitment of full-time faculty follow procedures outlined by the Office of Academic Human Resources. In some cases, with written approval of the Vice Chancellor and Provost or designee, the open search process may be waived.

Appointments begin with negotiation between the dean or department chair and the faculty member. To be binding, such agreements must be authorized by the Vice Chancellor and Provost or designee. All faculty appointments must be in writing, approved by the dean and department chair, and signed by the faculty member. At the time of appointment, faculty members should clearly understand appointment terms, conditions, and benefits, including rank, salary, tenure status, term of employment, retirement benefits, group life insurance, and health insurance.

Faculty appointments for non-tenure track and part-time faculty are also detailed in an appointment letter. Appointments for faculty in the AU bargaining unit follow the requirements of the current contract between the bargaining unit and Syracuse University.

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