2.1 Faculty and Academic Staff

Members of the Faculty are those individuals holding the academic rank of professor, associate professor, assistant professor, instructor, or lecturer who have been appointed by the dean or director of an academic unit with the concurrence of the Chancellor or Vice Chancellor and Provost and whose primary duties are instruction and scholarly/creative activity.

Tenure-track full-time faculty
Tenure-track full-time faculty members are those holding tenured or tenure-track appointments and the title of professor, associate professor, and assistant professor. The Instructor rank may be used for individuals expecting to complete their terminal degree and whose tenure-track appointment is pending.

Faculty may be named to certain titles of honor including University, Distinguished, and Trustee Professor.

Non tenure-track full-time faculty
Faculty may be appointed to full-time non-tenure track positions. Such appointments are 1.00 FTE; however, time in such positions does not accrue to SU time toward tenure. The following appointments are additional non-tenure track full-time positions:

  • Professor of Practice
    Professors of Practice are distinguished professional practitioners whose presence on campus and in the classroom connect the University community to valuable expertise and professional publics. These appointments are intended as flexible, non-tenured, and non-service accruing positions. Professors of Practice are full-time University employees with a maximum of .75FTE allocated to faculty duties and the remaining FTE allocated to administrative, creative, or professional activities that add value to the University’s educational enterprise.
  • Research faculty
    Research faculty are non-tenure track faculty members whose appointments complement the research program of a department, school, or college. These appointments are not to replace regular faculty positions, nor should they be seen as creating long-term or career positions. Rather, they are intended to enrich the research environment of the University by providing formal appointments for scholars who provide their own support by serving as investigators on extramural grants. Once research faculty members have been approved for grant funding and are receiving salary at a minimum of .625 FTE, they are eligible for University benefits according to standard University policy.
  • Faculty fellow or post-doc
    These non-tenure track appointments are not intended to be renewed or to lead to a tenure decision. They are intended to bring promising new graduates of doctoral programs to Syracuse to actively engage in interchange about their work and the work of others in the department and contribute to the education of graduate and undergraduate students. Fellows and Post-docs can be primarily teaching or research appointments. These faculty members are eligible for University benefits according to standard University policies.
  • Visiting professor or scholar
    Visiting Professors or scholars are faculty members from other institutions who receive a temporary appointment at Syracuse University. Visiting faculty appointments do not typically carry fringe benefits or full employee rights. They may or may not be compensated. Individuals who wish to be considered for Visiting status should contact the dean’s office in the appropriate school or college.

Non tenure-track part-time faculty

  • Part-time faculty—bargaining unit
    Adjuncts United (AU) is affiliated with New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) and represents Syracuse University’s part-time instructors.The University remains committed to addressing the needs of its unionized workforce to ensure outcomes that meet the interests of these valued employees and the institution.
  • Adjuncts and exempt staff members
    Adjunct faculty appointments are offered to individuals who hold regular employment elsewhere and with whom the University has a special collegial relationship. They are eligible for occasional teaching assignments on an as-needed basis. When a teaching assignment is made, the hiring unit issues a part- time appointment letter stating the financial terms and other details of the appointment.Non-faculty “exempt” staff members may teach up to two courses in a semester but their teaching responsibilities must be less than half their total responsibilities. The courses must be integral to or very closely related to their other professional responsibilities. Individuals who hold such positions retain only the benefits and prerogatives of exempt staff, although, as part-time instructional staff, their role and responsibilities as well as their rank are determined by the academic unit in which they teach.
  • ROTC instructional staff
    Officers of the military services serving ROTC units on campus are under military jurisdiction for salary and retirement. They are, however, considered colleagues and are subject to all the academic rules and regulations of Syracuse University and of the colleges in which their students are registered.

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