Meredith Professorships

Meredith Professor Barbara Fought shares what inspires and motivates her in the classroom.

Meredith Professor John Western highlights the importance of international study to empower students and understand the world from a broader perspective.

A substantial bequest from the estate of Dr. L. Douglas Meredith, a 1926 graduate of the College of Arts and Sciences, allowed Chancellor Kenneth A. Shaw to create the Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith Professorships in 1995, to recognize and reward outstanding teaching at Syracuse University.


  • recognize and reward excellence in teaching
  • encourage faculty members to look upon the many dimensions of teaching as manifold opportunities for constant improvement
  • emphasize the great importance the University places upon teaching
  • and as a result of all of those, to improve the teaching and learning processes on campus.

The Meredith Professors receive a supplementary salary award and an additional fund for professional development for each year of their appointment.

Selection Process

  • A Meredith Professorship may be awarded to any tenured faculty member at Syracuse University. Each recipient will be designated Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith Professor for a period of three years. There will normally be six active Meredith Professors, with approximately two appointed each year.
  • Each nominee will identify an investigation of some aspect of teaching or learning that he or she intends to pursue during the term of the appointment. This investigation could variously be described in such terms as the scholarship of teaching, classroom research, outcomes assessment, or curriculum development. Collaborating with colleagues or mentoring junior colleagues, or other forms of reaching out to include other interested members of the faculty are especially encouraged.
  • Eligible faculty members will be nominated for a Meredith Professorship by the dean of the school or college in which they have their principal appointment.
  • Nominations are reviewed by a committee appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and composed of senior faculty members and administrators, and a student representative. On the basis of a review of the teaching portfolio submitted by each nominee, the committee submits its recommendations to the Chancellor who makes the appointments.

The Meredith Professors are enrolled for life in the Meredith Symposium as a signal honor and to provide a permanent forum for the discussion of teaching.