Syracuse University’s faculty of distinguished scholar-teachers attracts outstanding students from every part of the United States and the world. This strength is evident in both our achievements and our diversity, reflecting SU’s legacy as a place of access and opportunity and its unique excellence among institutions of higher education.

Our vision, Scholarship in Action, captures that legacy, which is based on engagement and collaboration with practitioners and communities of experts, connecting our disciplinary excellence to professions, ideas, and problems in and of the world. This vision requires faculty who are superb scholars and great mentors, it relies upon the presence of enterprising students from all backgrounds, and it integrates engagement points in the world where, together, they tackle the great challenges of our time and catalyze transformational discovery.

We believe firmly that there is no better way for SU to serve the public interest and no better way to prepare our students for the challenges of the knowledge-based economy and our increasingly interconnected world.

Welcome to Syracuse University!